Not Home Documentary

Not Home: A documentary about kids living in nursing facilities

Not Home: A documentary about kids living in nursing facilities is a 90-minute documentary that investigates the history and current trends of the long-term institutionalization of children with developmental disabilities living in U.S. nursing facilities as seen through the lives of four families. There are more than 10 million U.S. children…

Mathew Cheer3


Mathew is a well-mannered, 21-year old young man who was placed in a nursing home by his mother.  He whispers to speak—for words to pass through his lips, it takes all of his energy.  You must lean in to hear him because each word is calculated.  Mathew has Leigh’s disease;…

A Mother's Love

Essie & Cornelius

Essie Evans is familiar with long rides.  It took her 8-hours, back and forth on Interstate 85, just to take her son Cornelius to and from his pediatrician appointments. Cornelius was a 14 year-old boy with multiple and severe developmental disabilities that require 24-hour a day, one-on-one care. When Ms….

Far From Home

Nola & Zach

Nola Sayne has perhaps traveled Interstate I-85 from Kennesaw, Georgia to Montgomery, Alabama more than anyone. Kennesaw to Montgomery is an 8-hour roundtrip drive she took once, sometimes twice a month for the last nine years to visit her son Zach who resided in a long-term pediatric nursing facility. The decision…



Qualeigh (Kwa-lee) spent the first six years of his life living inside an institution.  And in those six years he had never been outside. He lived in a room on the 2nd floor of a state-run nursing facility along with 30 other children with developmental disabilities.  But Mrs. Martins knew…

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